The Birth of Our Brewery

It all started with Joe & Rob. Nearly every weekend, there they were, tasting every craft beer under the sun, along with a pint or twenty under the moon. And then they heard the calling from the sky (or perhaps from their empty glasses): “brew, and ye shall be blessed.” Not ones to ignore such powerful signs, they quickly set to work in their Beer Bunker (others might call it a kitchen), concocting their own tasty Belgian style ales.

They were destined for greatness.

By this time, the Monks were cloistered in the Beer Bunker, brewing almost every single weekend, plugging away at new recipes, tweaking the excellent into the extraordinary, and becoming true masters of their craft. Yet the Chatty Monks knew that excellent beer needed to be shared. They happily emerged from the Beer Bunker bearing the finest fermented fruits of their labor and donating various beers to parties and fundraisers.

They were overwhelmed by the peoples’ desire for their ales. Many partakers assumed that there was an established brewery located somewhere in Wyomissing! It became clear to the Monks that they would soon need a permanent home for the fine people of Reading to find their Belgian brews.

With great beer comes great responsibility.

By July of 2013, the Chatty Monks were receiving an abundance of requests to open a tasting room in the Wyomissing area. While this appeared to be quite a daunting task, they took the challenge upon themselves and, not surprisingly, owned it like the Chatty Monk Brethren that they are.

But the Chatty Monks were not yet complete! The Brethren were still missing the final piece of the puzzle; the mastermind behind our brand-to-be. Along came Brian, a plastic surgeon by day / marketing-wiz by night, who accepted his role as the third Monk after the Brethren teased his palate with their tantalizing brews.

With the Chatty Monks complete, the three beer-loving Brethren carried Chatty Monks Brewing from the brains of a few guys, to the Beer Bunker, to our current home at 610 Penn Avenue. West Reading will never be the same again, thanks to our Chatty Monks brew!